Lush Music WordPress Theme is a complete solution for everybody in the music industry. If you are a jazz master, punk rocker, soprano singer, piano player, band manager or even a webmaster, this premium theme is for you.
We build this theme with a vision: How can we design a beautiful website dedicated to multiple music lovers that will always looks beautiful and unique?

The answer is in Lush Music WordPress Theme.


Lush Music WordPress Theme




Music WordPress Theme Overview

Lush - Music Band & Musician WordPress Theme
Lush - Music Band & Musician WordPress Theme
Lush - Music Band & Musician WordPress Theme

Lush - Hipster

Lush - Awake

Lush - Spintable

Lush - Spintable

Lush - Punk Rock Grenade

Lush - Outlaws

Lush - Rock

Lush - Classical

Lush - New demo coming soon

Lush music
Lush music
Lush music



- Zoltan Szirmai (
- Engin Asil (
- Robin Lambrecht (
- Michael Thompson (
- Jessica Branstetter (
- Montecruz foto (

- Green poster by Sarah Mulligan (
- Yellow poster by Spablab (
- Accoustic poster by Room122 (


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