Best Admin Dashboard Templates for Website, Web Applications

Best Admin Dashboard Templates for Website and Web Applications provide a solid foundation for any web project. Saving you a lot of time and effort. These are suitable if your website, web application, online store, intranet or extranet requires an administration panel.

These powerful administration templates are mostly based on Bootstrap – the largest web development framework with many features and features. In addition, Bootstrap makes these templates perfectly adapt to any type of mobile device. Be it a Smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop.

Bootstrap provides all the necessary elements for a professional user interface: menus and navigation bars, various types of fonts, buttons, forms, notifications, graphics. All these components are developed with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

All templates in this collection have pre-designed demos that will save you a lot of time by not having to start from scratch, as well as a multitude of components that you can include in your control panels. Its design 100% adapted to mobile devices.


Best Admin Dashboard Templates for Website, Web Applications

Without further ado, we present to you what are for us the best administration templates (backend) for websites and web applications based on Bootstrap, Angular, HTML and other solutions.

Fuse – Angular 6+, Angular JS 2 and Bootstrap 4

Fuse - Angular 6+, Angular JS 2 and Bootstrap 4

Fuse is an administration template based on Angular 6+, Angular JS and Bootstrap 4 that can use for any application and website to have a control panel.

With its applications and pages included, Fuse is an excellent starting point for your next project. Do not waste time trying to design or structure your pages, choose one and start coding its logic immediately.

This administration template allows you to have a control panel with a large collection of applications. Such as calendars, eCommerce, email, chat, file management, contacts. A multitude of pages for authentication (login), registration, password loss, password reset, email confirmation, lock screen, maintenance, 404 error, invoices, profile, search, prices, FAQ, knowledge base, and more. Elements for the user interface such as: graphics, Google Maps, tables, databases, buttons, forms, icons, and more.


Limitless – Bootstrap 4 and LESS

LimitLess admin dashboard theme

Limitless is a web application kit or what is the same as a professional website administration template. It is based on Bootstrap and LESS. It is highly flexible and clean. And it offers a style, four designs, hundreds of functionalities and unlimited possibilities.

Includes 1 main design and 3 alternatives, 1,000+ commented HTML pages, 1,000+ components with different functionalities and options, 100+ plugins and extensions, etc.

Limitless includes a starter kit – a set of blank pages, which will make your developers’ lives much easier. This template is responsive, which means it will be displayed perfectly on mobile phones and tablets.

This template is based on the LESS preprocessor, includes 100+ commented LESS files. Each file corresponds to a single component, structure, page, plugin or extension.

In addition, it is ready to be translated into other languages. Among the components included are forms, selectors, editors, notifications, panel contents, icons, extensions, file loading, sidebars, horizontal and vertical navigation, navigation bars, data visualization, static tables, data tables, and plus.

As well as a set of personalized pages: task manager, invoices, user cards, login, registration, user profiles, knowledge bases, and frequently asked questions, searches and many more.



Metronic – Angular JS 2 y Bootstrap 4

Metronic – Angular JS 2 y Bootstrap 4

Metronic is an Admin Dashboard Template based on Angular JS 2 and Bootstrap 4 that offers a complete control panel to websites and web applications. It has 73,000+ satisfied users.

This administration template allows you to have a control panel with all the elements of the user interface and sensitive and reusable components such as: buttons, bars and navigation menus, galleries, icons of all kinds, calendars, maps, graphics, crowd of modules, notifications, different types of sources, forms, database management, timelines, price tables, large collection of elements to include in your pages, multiple 404 error page styles, and more.

Metronic comes with a design 100% adapted to mobile devices, as well as extra demos for invoices. This template is also integrated with a calendar, so you can easily publish and manage your upcoming events and projects. Metronic is also easy to customize thanks to its powerful page style builder – Layout Builder.

It comes with 15+ predesigned demos that you can use for the administration panel of your website, with different styles: Intranet, modern, classic, administration, futuristic, corporate, and more.


Vuesax – Vue.js, Bootstrap 4 and HTML5

Vuesax template for admin

If you are a developer looking for an administration panel created with your needs in mind, Vuesax is an excellent choice. It is an impressive, versatile and modern VueJS and Bootstrap 4 administration template based on Vue CLI, Vuex and Vuesax framework components.

This template offers a complete control panel to websites and web applications. It is highly customizable and developer friendly. Includes the Laravel Starter Kit to be able to build your Laravel-based projects. As well as Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, ACL, Axios, Algolia, Auth0 and Firebase.

It is ideal for managing websites, such as online store backend, CRM system, analytical applications, banking, education, sports applications, and many more.

It comes packaged with 5 executable apps, 2 specific boards and unique functionalities such as easy navigation. Quick search function, bookmarks, multilanguage, progressive image loading, animations, Feathericons, options for light or dark version styles. And advanced cards that show multitude of statistics and more.

Vuesax has fully functional applications for emails, chat, task lists, calendar. And algolia-based online store with desired products page, multi-step purchase completion process and payment page.


Ubold Admin – Bootstrap 4, Angular, React, Vue, Django

Ubold plantilla panel admin

Ubold Admin is an Admin Dashboard Template full of features and based on Bootstrap 4 and the most modern web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. It has many manually created components ready to use. This theme is 100% responsive and easy to customize. The code is very easy to understand and empowers any developer to turn this theme into a real web application.

If you require an integrated compiled folder for the HTML version, contact your development team and they will be happy to provide it for you. The initial version is available for React, Vue, Angular, Django, Node JS, etc. You must bear in mind that this is an initial version and therefore does not have all the pages included. However, this version will help you get started quickly with your preferred framework or language.

Ubold Admin has a full version for Laravel. Its design is clean and intuitive. It is fully documented and it includes landing pages. It has rich forms, modules, validations, assistants, 1800+ pages, 500+ UI components, 110+ graphics, 6+ apps, supports SASS, 3000+ source icons, examples of CRM and eCommerce applications.


Apex – Angular 6+ and Bootstrap 4

Apex Admin Dashboard

Apex is a 4-in-1 solution that combines Angular 6+ with Bootstrap 4. Angular Starter Kit and an administration panel for your web application.

It offers you advanced modules such as: a modern menu, graphics with option to spare, cards for advanced graphics, graphics with color gradients, cards with statistical gradients, and more. As well as useful applications such as postbox, chat application.

You will have different form styles. And a multitude of pages such as login, registration, forgotten password, vertical or horizontal timeline, user profile, blocking page, invoices, 404 and 500 error, maintenance site, and gallery.


Clean UI – ReactJS y Bootstrap 4

Clean UI Dashboard Alpa

Clean UI is a modern and professional theme for site administration panels and web applications with React + Redux, based on CreateReactApp and combined with frameworks such as Ant Design and Bootstrap 4. Which make it a powerful and super flexible tool, which It can be used by any type of web application: Web Application, CRM, CMS, Administration Panels, Control Boards, etc. Its design is fully adaptive, which means that it is optimally displayed on any mobile and tablet.

Its developers have focused attention on optimization and operational efficiency. So that website administrators get maximum performance thanks to their animations and their ultra smooth and fast user experience.

Its modular design follows the BEM methodology that allows developing websites and launching them very quickly, offering long-term support.

CLean UI includes free landing page codes. It is easy to customize, supports a multitude of color schemes. It offers premium support.


Pages – Angular 5, Angular JS 2 and Bootstrap 4

Pages Admin Dashboard

Pages is an administration template based on Angular 5, Angular JS 2 and Bootstrap 4 for websites, business applications that require a control panel.

This administration template has exclusive components provided by Angular such as: sliding banners, date and time selector, tabs, cards, notifications, quick searches, sidebars, list mode view, multi-selection, progress bars, loading, parallax effects, Horizontal menus, quick views, views, retina utilities (HD).

Pages comes with 5+ pre-designed demos for your control panel – condensed, casual, cooperative, white, executive. It integrates with a calendar app, so you can show your next events in customizable calendars

It has a large collection of pages for authentication (login), registration, gallery, invoice, lock screen, maintenance, 404 error, 500 error, Google Maps map, email page, data tables, basic tables, calendar pages, and more.



Modern Admin – Bootstrap 4, HTML and Cryptocurrency Panel

Modern Admin Dashboard

Modern Admin as its name suggests is a modern template for web application management panels and crypto panels. It is based on Bootstrap 4 and HTML. And it has 7+ pre-designed templates so you can use them on your website, to later customize them with your content. It can be used to track and control cryptocurrencies.

This template supports multiple settings in your control panel. It has applications for email inbox, online chat, blackboard for reminders, and more. As well as advanced cards that show weather, statistics, exchange rates, graphs, and more. As well as a multitude of user interface components such as buttons, time and day markers, content blocks, file uploads, maps, icons, fonts, and more.

In total, this complete template for web app control panels offers 1500+ pages, 1,000+ components, 100+ graphics, 50+ advanced cards (widgets) and much more.


Vuejs 2 and VuetifyJs 1.0.8

Vuely Admin Dashboard

Vuely is a theme for web administration panels developed with Webpack 4.x, Vuex, Vuejs 2, VuetifyJs 1.0.8, HTML5 and CSS3, highly advanced and fully customizable.

It comes with many preinstalled features developed with a simple component structure that includes custom pages. It is focused on providing developers with smooth work experience. Customizable predesigned pages and features such as graphs, charts and data tables. It will give you the ability to develop your backend panel with ease.

Vuely supports multilanguage, is ready to translate to another language and has a widget to choose the language. It comes with 4+ pre-designed demos, and they continue to add many more – eCommerce, Magazine, Web Analytics, Agency, Apps SAAS.

Includes 200+ elements for user interfaces, 78+ custom modules (widgets), a theme options customizer so you can define its visual appearance, 1,500+ source icons, Quill and WYSIWYG editors. A multitude of graphic styles, data tables, maps, a large collection of pages, and much more.


Dashmix – Bootstrap 4 and Laravel Starter Kit

Dashmix Admin Dashboard

Dashmix is a premium and responsive template for application management panels and websites based on Bootstrap 4 and a UI framework with support with Laravel.

It is professional, flexible and modern. And can use to create user interfaces for all types of projects: web applications, website backend, websites, custom administration panels, CMS, CRM, or even portfolios, blogs, or corporate web pages.

Dashmix has been developed with Sass and ECMAScript 6 (ES6) and is packaged with smart tools such as Webpack 4, Babel 7, Gulp 4, Autoprefixer and Browsersync, which will help you save a lot of time and effort in the fast and efficient creation of your Projects.

This template includes the Laravel Starter Kit to build your Laravel-based projects. It has been optimized to be light and as fast as possible.


TheAdmin – Bo0tstrap 4 and HTML

TheAdmin Dashboard Template

TheAdmin is a professional and responsive template for Admin Dashboard based on Bootstrap 4. This theme is a powerful and highly flexible tool, which can be used for any type of web application such as: app admin, e-commerce websites, backend of CMS, SAAS, web applications, social and support portals, personal companies, corporate websites, etc.

TheAdmin has a clean, harmonious and friendly design. It comes with a large collection of plugins and user interface components. It also offers you 200+ unique HTML pages, 500+ component variations, 100+ modules (widgets) and 12 color schemes.


Codebase – Bootstrap 4 and Saas

CodeBase Admin Dashboard

Codebase is a highly flexible template for application and website management panels based on Bootstrap 4 and Saas, which will allow you to create all kinds of web pages with the same fast and powerful design.

It comes with 3 different versions – Get Started, HTML and PHP. That will help you start your web project as soon as possible. It has develope to save time and be as light as possible.

Codebase is professional, flexible and modern, and can use to create user interfaces for all types of projects: web applications, website backend, websites, custom administration panels, CMS, CRM, or even portfolios, blogs, or corporate web pages.



Jumbo React – React, Redux and Bootstrap 4

Jumbo React Template

Jumbo React is a premium React template for application management panels and websites based on Material Design, which will be an excellent solution to get started quickly with your project and web application.

This template has as main objective that developers can start their applications and websites very quickly. It comes with 3 control panel styles with different design concepts. Each of these demos has hundreds of user interface components, widgets, etc. You can develop a multilanguage app. It has 4 pre-built app modules for email, tasks, contacts and chat.


Elite Admin – Bootstrap 4, HTML5, CSS3 and Media Query

Elite Admin Dashboard

Elite Admin is a premium Admin Dashboard Template for control panels and web application management that offers a flat design, fully adapted to mobile phones and tablets. Developed with Bootstrap 4, HTML5, CSS3 and Media Query.

It comes with a large collection of reusable user interface components and integrated with the latest JQuery plugins. You can use it for all types of web applications, such as custom administration panel. Such as application backend, CMS or CRM.

Elite Admin includes 13+ different predesigned panels, 20 different demos that cover a wide range of web applications, WPMenu demo which is a menu similar to the one that includes WordPress, Material Design panel, 9 color schemes, clean and modern landing page, export of table data to CSV / Excel / PDF / Copy / Print. 2,000+ pages, 500+ UI components, 3,000 source icons, a multitude of options for your graphics, form validation, multiple table examples, and much more, so we recommend that you check their download page.


Slim – Bootstrap 4, SASS, HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery

Slim Admin Dashboard

Slim is a modern and clean theme for Admin Dashboard Templates based on Bootstrap 4, SAAS, HMTL5, CSS3 and JQuery plugins. Its design flat, minimalist and adapted to mobile devices.

It can be used for most administration panels and backends such as analytics. Administration or messaging applications for your desktop or mobile applications.

It comes with 100+ HMTL5 templates, 800+ source icons, 1,000+ UI elements, cards and widgets for panels, cards and widgets for social networks, cards and widgets for stores and listings, adaptive navigation bar menu, design capability at one single page, 8 types of graphs, WYSIWYG editor, colored tables and data tables, Google Maps, and much more.


QuantumPro – Bo0tstrap 4 and UI Kit

Quantumpro Admin Template

QuantumPro is a theme for clean, professional and visually appealing web administration panels based on Bootstrap 4 and UI Kit. For modern web applications. It is highly customizable. It comes with 6 pre-designed control panel styles, including some for analytics, financial and online stores.

Among the ready-to-use web applications, you have applications for calendars, email, message, and contacts. You can customize your design by choosing from several menu provisions. It has a multitude of modules (widgets), an impressive collection of icons.

Its user interface kit offers components such as buttons, alerts, badges, icons, progress bars, group lists, fonts, and more. It also has multiple forms, tables, registration and login pages, various graphic styles, and much more.


Porto Admin – Bootstrap 4, HTML5 and CSS3 (.SASS)

Porto Admin Dashbord theme

Porto Admin is a professional Admin Dashboard Template, with a design that adapts to any screen size and type of mobile device.

You can customize it completely to your liking, because it has hundreds of options, unlimited variations of colors and possibilities of distribution of content on your pages. It comes with 60+ HTML pages created using Bootstrap 4, 50+ plugins, email inbox, modules, graphics, an exclusive map builder, and more. By default, it offers a version with a light or dark color design.

If you also purchase its HTML5 Porto template and integrate it with Porto Admin, you will provide your website with many more features.

Porto Admin offers an extremely well organized code. Your support is excellent and comes with extensive documentation.



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