Best WordPress Themes for Gaming, eSport, Video Games and Blogs

There is no doubt that today one of the biggest industries of entertainment are games and video games, far ahead of cinema or music. This is due to the strong expansion of mobile phones, tablets, consoles, Smart TVs and games on social networks. In addition, the phenomenon of eSports tournaments or videogame competitions has become very popular events. Along with this, a multitude of WordPress themes specially designed for eSport clubs, eSport tournaments, professional video game competitions, gaming magazines, player blogs. And gaming blogs, drones races, and analysis sites have appeared.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best WordPress themes for gaming site, eSport tournaments and videogames, drone racing, which tries to cover all the possible needs of eSport teams, eSport tournament websites, magazines, game analysis sites, player blogs, and video game developers.

Many of these topics have features that are very useful as a multitude of demos. And ready to install with a single click, unlimited customization options. And tools for creating your pages without knowing anything about code. All of them are focused on the world of games and videogames.

Best WordPress Themes for Gaming, Video Games and Blogs

If you want to create a website to publish information related to eSport tournaments or promote your team or eSport club, publish content related to games such as an online magazine or blog that deals with the latest news in the world of games, a website of analysis or a page to promote your products, we recommend that you take a look at our collection of the best WordPress themes for eSport and games. You will save a lot of time and effort in finding a suitable theme for your project.


PixieHuge is a WordPress template that offers a premium experience for eSport teams, eSport tournaments, drones races and video game players in general. It developed to offer everything necessary for teams and clans of players in general. Allows you to include unlimited teams and players, statistics, games, sponsors, latest news, results and much more.

This template has integration with streams of games of live games, profiles of players, promotion of sponsors, members of the organization, multiple departments, and more. Through its administration panel you can easily change the colors of this template. And reorganize its sections, without needing to know anything about code.

PixieHuge comes with 5 predesigned demos for 5 different games, which can be installed with just one click. If you want to sell equipment or other products online, PixieHuge is compatible with the popular WooCommerce plugin.


Team – WP Theme for Sports Clubs, eSport Teams, Videogame Site.

Team wp themes

Team is a WordPress theme specially designed for the creation of websites, sports clubs, eSport teams, videogame tournaments, gaming, and different sporting events.

It comes with a complete collection of modern demos and statistics specific to eSport tournaments, sports gaming teams, sports leagues, football teams, basketball. But you can use it for any type of sports equipment such as volleyball, beach volleyball, tennis, etc.

Through its exclusive sports management system, you can easily add new teams, players, games, tournaments, leagues or championships. You can provide quick updates for the competitions in progress by text transmission (text broadcast) or make a video broadcast (video broadcast) from a specific page. As well as informing of upcoming games with details such as time, stadium, weather forecast, referees, team alignments and positions of each player. Once the game is finished, you can provide detailed statistics to users. The schedules and tables of the tournaments will help you to keep all the information easily organized.


Team includes in the same package the powerful plugin of page builder Visual Composer together with 90+ exclusive blocks of content for sports: 29 elements for matches, 15 for players, 10 for teams, 10 for competitions, 5 for headers, 10 for statistics and 22 for other needs.

Your specific pages for matches will allow you to report the result of the scoreboard in real time. Its system of statistics of players and clubs are based on the results of the matches. And if you want to sell any type of sports product such as equipment, merchandising products, etc. from your website. It will be enough to install the free WooCommerce plugin and have a fully professional online store at your disposal.

This theme ready to translate into another language makes use of the best programming practices. And it includes an exclusive CDN migration plugin, and many other features.


BeTheme – WordPress Themes for Game Competitions, eSport Teams.

BeTheme Multipurpose Theme

BeTheme is an exceptional multipurpose WordPress theme that can be used perfectly to create a website for professional video game competitions, eSport teams, sports gaming tournaments. It stands out for offering in a single package 400+ pre-designed demos that can be easily installed with just a mouse click. Later you can combine sections of different demos to build a fully customized website.

BeTheme comes with 2 graphics tools for fast page generation – Visual Composer and Muffing Builder 3. So you do not need to know anything about code. This theme offers an advanced panel of options from which you can customize your visual appearance with unlimited colors.

And choose from 600+ Google Fonts, Mega menus, Parallax effects, and background videos. It has 20 customizable header styles and 200+ shortcodes that will make your job much easier. You can create unlimited useful Google Maps to share the location of events.

Being completely compatible with the free WooCommerce plugin. You can sell all kinds of promotional products, tickets, music, etc. from your website.

This theme optimized for search engines (SEO) and the loading speed of your pages is super fast. Its design 100% adapted to mobile devices, tablets, and retina (HD). It supports the plugin for WPML multilanguage sites and is ready to easily translate to other languages.

BeTheme is compatible with many popular plugins such as Contact Forms 7, SEO Yoast, MailChimp, W3 Total Cache, bbPress, BuddyPress, The Event Calendar, Cookie Law Info, among many others.


PixieFreak – WordPress Theme for Amateur Games.

Pixie Freak WordPress theme

PixieFreake is a modern WordPress theme for eSport that covers all the needs of teams, tournaments and games. With PixieFreak you can present your eSport team listing its players, games, results, links to social networks; promote or organize events and tournaments of professional competitions of video games or electronic sports; create a gaming community; sell merchandising products through an online store; or have an eSport online magazine.

You will have complete control in the personalization of colors of your website and without the need of code knowledge. You will be able to reorganize sections easily. Its design adapts 100% to all types of mobile devices and to any screen size.

PixieFreak comes with 3+ ready to install demos with just one click. With this theme, you will have a solution to show unlimited teams for several games, list players with their profiles, publish upcoming tournaments and results, share events in real time through streams, promote sponsors, and much more.


PlayerX – WordPress Theme for Gaming, eSport.

PlayerX WordPress Theme

PlayerX is a powerful solution specifically developed for gaming, eSport and professional videogame competitions. With it, you can promote your live broadcast of tournaments, show the list of your games, present your gaming clans, price tables and have everything you need to have a modern website for eSport.

PlayerX puts at your disposal a powerful administration panel very easy to use, from which you will have complete control of the visual aspect of your website. It comes with a multitude of predesigned demos that you can install with a single click. It also includes the popular Visual Composer page builder and the animated banner management tool Slider Revolution.

Being 100% compatible with the free WooCommerce Plugin, you can include an online store on your website through which to sell any type of physical or digital product, such as merchandise, music, tickets to events, and more. It also allows the installation of the plugin for WPML multilanguage sites.


Arcane – Best WP Theme for Gaming.


Arcane offers you the ability to create a wide community of gaming, videogames, and eSport. Users can create teams and tournaments, and challenge others, track games, share content and much more.

Arcane has a tournament management system with which you can create and manage tournaments between teams and users. It also brings a system of wars with which to create and manage games and tournaments. It has predefined page designs for clans. And It supports the BuddyPress plugin that will add functionalities to your WordPress to have a social network for your gamers.

Arcane is compatible with the Visual Composer page builder, with WooCommerce – for the inclusion of an online store on your website, with WPML – in case you want to have a multilanguage website. Allows the installation of your demos with a single click. You are ready to translate to another language easily.


eSport – WP Theme for Gaming and eSport.

Esport the best WP theme

eSport as its name suggests, is a WordPress theme specially designed for gaming and eSport teams. Its design 100% adapted to all types of mobile devices.

Thanks to its powerful panel of options you can easily customize this theme adapting it to your liking with just a few mouse clicks. It comes with the powerful Visual Composer page builder, so you do not need to know anything about code to create a unique gaming website.

eSport supports unlimited games and players. You can sell equipment and other products online as it has integration with the free WooCommerce online sales plugin.

It is compatible with bbPress so you can have a forum where your community shares their gaming experiences. It also allows you to include all kinds of details about tournaments, such as game dates, scores, teams and other data. In case of being subsidized by sponsors, eSport offers you the possibility to show a carousel of logos of all of them.

This theme comes with 2+ predesigned demos for your homepage, although it allows you to design unlimited styles. It is ready to translate easily into your language and is compatible with the WPML multilanguage plugin.


Eldritch – Best WordPress Theme for Video Games, Equipment, Books, Music, etc.

Eldritch Best WordPress Themes for Gaming

If you are looking to create an epic website to show all the information related to eSport tournaments, promote your video games, have a players forum, or simply have a blog to report the latest news in video games, Eldritch is an option that you should take into account.

Eldritch has integration with the popular free plugin for the creation of WooCommerce virtual stores. Through which you can sell online all kinds of products such as video games, equipment, books, music, etc.

This theme offers 6+ specific demos for players and companies related to the video game industry. In addition, Eldritch comes equipped with a large collection of predesigned internal pages that you can use to create your website in a matter of minutes. It also includes many styles of portfolios, brings in the same package the premium plugins Visual Composer and Slider Revolution, so it is not necessary to have knowledge of web programming since these tools have graphical interfaces of drag and drop type.

Of course with Eldritch you will have everything you need for eSport websites and video game promotion such as: equipment listings, details of each team, list of tournaments, results, testimonials, calls to action, price tables, impressive image banners sliders, time counters, upcoming games, sponsors, etc.


PixieClash – WP Theme for eSport, Gaming.

Pixie Clash Best WordPress Themes for Gaming

PixieClash is a premium WordPress theme for eSport, gaming, and drone tournaments and competitions. It is ideal for those who are looking for a website where to show all the information of an eSport tournament, and that is easy and quick to install and put into operation, having all the necessary functionalities.

PixieClash allows your visitors to see streams of live games. You can show information about the places where the tournaments are being held, online registration of the teams to the competition, game schedules, team positions, online ticket sales, impressive statistics of results, rounds, days, game rules, display of promotional videos, list of sponsors, and 100+ unique options.

This theme is fully customizable with unlimited colors. The management of its sections and contents is very intuitive. It has multiple modules to place at the top of your pages as: finalized tournaments and time counters.


PixieBolt – WP Theme for Gaming Site.

Pixie Bolt Best WordPress Themes for Gaming

PixieBolt is an impressive WordPress theme for clan websites and online sports gaming teams. It has been developed with the latest trends in web design. And offers premium features that allows it to adapt to any eSports group.

PixieBolt offers the possibility to add teams, players, sponsors, matches, rankings, latest news, blog, sponsor promotions, who we are and more than 100 unique options.

With PixieBolt you will have a unique options panel that will allow you to adapt your visual image to your needs. You can change colors, sections, and more, and all without knowing anything about code. In just a few clicks and with a little creativity, you can easily customize it and create a unique website.


GoodLife – WordPress Themes for Gaming, Videogame, and Magazines.

Good life Best WordPress Themes for Gaming

GoodLife is a WordPress theme with a modern and professional design, ideal for gaming and videogame magazines. It has 7 predesigned demos, among which we find a specific one for game sites.

GoodLife offers 5 page styles, 4 types of galleries and 3 different header styles. In all the categories and pages we can define different lateral bars. Also, if you want to monetize your website, GoodLife allows you to include advertisements in any part of your online magazine.

This theme is really easy to customize through its powerful panel of options. It also includes several premium plugins for free that will greatly facilitate the task of creating your content such as: Visual Composer – popular tool for creating pages with a graphical interface of the type drag and drop; Essential Grid – that allows you to show your contents in different grid layouts; Rankie – to include ratings by users and to be displayed in Google search results; Viral Quiz Builder – offers the possibility to include contests to increase participation; Maintenance Pro – in case you need to put your website in maintenance mode.

GoodLife is optimized for search engines to position your content as best as possible, and your pages load at lightning speed. This theme has integration with WPML so your content can be viewed in more than one language by installing this plugin. It also has compatibility with the popular free plugin for WooCommerce online stores, so you no longer have an excuse to sell products from your website.

GoodLife has visualization of articles for more commented, more seen and more shared. It has Mega menus and icons in menus. You can also create professional quality video lists.


Godlike – WordPress Themes for Gaming, Movies, Game Licenses

Godlike Best WordPress Themes for Gaming

Godlike is a WordPress template specially developed for the promotion of games, creation of a community of players with a bbPress forum or an online store selling games and video games. It is also suitable for selling games for iOS and Android, movies, game licenses, or any other website related to the niche of the games.

Godlike allows you to build any type of page through the popular Visual Composer plugin. Write an entry in your blog and share the latest market news. Includes lots of shortcodes ready to use. Unlimited page layout variations. And many customization options for your website.

This template also brings the Revolution Slider plugin for free, which will allow you to create amazing sliding image banners with which to attract the attention of your visitors.

If you want to have a website ready in just a few minutes. It will be enough to install your demo data with just one click, and then customize its appearance and contents. That’s how fast and easy.


Soledad – WordPress Themes for Gaming, Blogs, and Digital Magazines.

Soledad Best WordPress Themes for Gaming

Soledad is one of the most complete WordPress themes for the creation of blogs and digital magazines. Given its power and flexibility can be used for almost any subject, making it a perfect candidate for websites related to the world of games.

Soledad is very easy to personalize and will help you to have a unique and professional website. This theme comes with 28+ predesigned demos and ready to install with a single click, being able to combine elements of different ones. If you wish, bring one specifically designed for games.

Its great versatility is due to its 900+ variations of home pages that will give you unlimited design possibilities. It also includes 300+ options to customize this theme to your liking, being able to visualize the changes in real time.

Soledad offers a set of tools for those who do not know anything about code or just do not want to complicate their lives. Such as Visual Composer – drag-and-drop page builder, and Revolution Slider – Plugin for the intuitive creation of amazing image banners sliders.

This theme can be used to sell products online, perform games valuation, etc. Supports the inclusion of videos in animated banners. It also offers various styles of galleries, 6 header designs, 5 variations of blog entries, 300+ blog and banner combinations. And enlargement effects when clicking on images, and much more.


NewsGamer – Best WordPress Themes for Gaming, Game Magazines, and Advanced Blogs.

Game Land Best WordPress Themes for Gaming

NewsGamer is an exceptionally powerful, robust, easy to use and customize WordPress template. Specially designed for content publication, game magazines, game evaluation sites, and advanced blogs.

Its 7 predesigned demos can be installed with a single click, one of them is specific to have a website of publications related to games and assessment of them. It also includes the Visual Composer plugin – the best page building tool for WordPress. So you can rest easy if you do not know anything about web programming.

If you want to monetize your website, NewsGamer has an advertising management system that will allow you to include images or Google Adsense codes and which are located in different positions on the web.

NewsGamer has advanced options for categories, allowing you to provide a custom design for each of them, as well as advanced options for blog entries and pages.

Its flexibility is so great that you can include a bbPress forum. An online WooCommerce store or a game rating system. Its translation is very easy through .po files. And it has a microdata scheme to make your content more visible in Google.


Newspaper – Best WordPress Themes for Gaming, Analyze and Evaluate Games

Newspaper WP theme

Newspaper is a WordPress theme that will allow you to have a website where you can write about the latest news in the world of gaming, analyze and evaluate games, share your impressions with your community of players, etc. Its modern and clean design 100% adapted to mobile devices and tablets. It is fast, simple and easy to use.

If you want to make money through your website, Newspaper allows you to include advertising from Google Ads and AdSense. And an online store through the popular free WooCommerce plugin. You will also have the possibility to generate a community of users around your website by including bbPress forums and BuddyPress social networks. And if that were not enough, it also supports Youtube and Vimeo videos.

Newspaper is highly customizable through its administration panel. From which you can choose colors, upload your logo, select the layout of the columns and much more. For those who do not have code knowledge, this theme comes with the powerful Visual Composer layout with which you just have to drag and drop the elements on your pages. Its 9 predesigned demos can be installed with a single click.

Other remarkable features of this theme are: its 8 spectacular display styles in grid mode, 40 unique options to show your latest content, social counters, supports TypeKit fonts, Google Fonts, font stack and WOFF files, and a rating system of content by readers.


JNews – WordPress Themes for Gaming, Video Games and eSport.

JNews Gaming Best WordPress Themes for Gaming

JNews is a complete solution for digital magazines of all types of topics. It is perfect for magazines and blogs of video games, eSport and gaming that want to keep their community of fans informed of everything related to their passion.

JNews comes with 120+ pre-designed demos for your cover page that you can install with just one click. In addition, it integrates a header creation tool that will allow you to establish in a personalized way the contents that will be displayed at the top of your pages. As well as the popular and powerful tool of construction of pages Visual Composer – with an intuitive graphic interface of the type drag and drop, not being necessary that you know nothing of web programming.

This WordPress template has SEO optimization and very high loading speed of your pages. In addition, since a large number of your readers will use mobile devices to access your digital magazine. JNews will be responsible for showing your content instantly using Google AMP and Facebook Instant Article.

More Features:

And if you want to monetize your website, this theme allows you to easily include Google AdSense banner ads. And affiliate links to Amazon products. It offers complete integration with your presence in these networks, making available to your readers buttons to share your publications, registration from accounts in social networks, modules to view comments on Facebook, buttons like and much more.

JNews offers readers several features so they can keep up to date with your new publications such as email subscription. Buttons to follow you on your social networks and send notifications to reader browsers. Your auto loaded articles will help you reduce the dropout rate of your magazine. This theme is ready to be easily translated into another language and offers integration with the WPML multilanguage plugin.


Blackfyre – WordPress Themes for Gaming

BlackFyre WP Theme

Blackfyre offers everything you need to build an online community of players. It aims to provide you with a complete solution so you can build the website of your dreams.

Blackfyre has forms accessible from the front of your website where your users can register, access and publish their messages and all through solid user experience. Without having to access the management part of your WordPress.

With this theme, users will be able to create their profile pages and manage teams of other users. All these thanks to its integration with the BuddyPress and bbPress plugin. It also has compatibility with the free online sales plugin WooCommerce and with WPML, in case you want to offer your content in several languages.

Blackfyre comes with the Visual Composer premium tool, drag-and-drop page builder, which is an advantage if you do not know anything about code.


Gauge – WordPress Themes for Gaming Site, Movies, Food, etc.

Gauge wordpress theme Best WordPress Themes for Gaming

Gauge is a powerful WordPress template for the creation of websites that offer valuation of any type of product, including games, movies, food, etc. Each article analyzed has its own page where tabs are displayed where you can offer all news related to this product, videos, and related images. Each element can be valued both by the administrator and by the users themselves. Its modern design 100% adapted to mobile devices.

With Gauge users can leave their ratings and comments using a form hosted on the front of your website. And if you want to create a community around your website. Gauge offers integration with the BuddyPress plugin– for the creation of a social network. And bbPress – for the inclusion of a complete forum.

Gauge includes the powerful tool of creation of pages Visual Composer, of the type drag and drop. It is totally customizable through its powerful panel of options. And it allows to import the data of its demo with a single click, it is optimized for search engines (SEO ) and is ready to translate to other languages.


Youplay – Best WordPress Themes for Gaming, Gamer Communities.

youPlay Best WordPress Game theme

Youplay is a creative WordPress template for gaming, gamer communities, gaming news sites, and online stores.

It offers a clean, flexible design, 100% adapted to mobile devices. The core of its construction is based on the Visual Composer plugin and a powerful administration panel. Greatly facilitating the task of creating and personalizing your website without having to web programming knowledge.

With Youplay you will have everything you need to maintain a community of gamers, such as a social network with BuddyPress, a forum with bbPress, an online store with WooCommerce and a WordPress blog. This template comes with unlimited color schemes and 4 different importable demos with just one click.

Youplay has 230+ customization options, parallax blocks, SEO optimization, buttons to share your content on social networks and includes the Revolution Slider plugin with which you can easily create amazing animated picture banners where you can capture the attention of your visitors.


GoodGame – Best WordPress Themes for Gaming

GoodGame WP theme Best WordPress Themes for Gaming

Create your own community of players with GoodGame, and show an assessment of the games with different characteristics in analysis. This template is perfect for creating a magazine or blog about games.

GoodGame allows you to categorize your entries by platforms – iOS, Xbox One, PC, PS4 Pro, Android, etc. You can easily embed videos of your analysis, or trailers of new games hosted on YouTube, Vimeo and others.

GoodGame makes it extremely easy to integrate your website with and show live how you play through this streaming platform or view videos uploaded to your server. The construction of your home page is extremely simple with its drag-and-drop editor.

And if you want to monetize your website, GoodGame has a large number of features so you can include advertising in the header, columns, blog entries and in many other areas of your website. It also allows you to include a forum with bbPress and even a complete social network with BuddyPress.

For those who want to sell promotional products and other items, GoodGame is compatible with the free WooCommerce plugin.


Games Zone – Best WordPress Theme Game Magazine or Blog

Games Zone - Best WordPress Themes for Gaming

Create your own community of players with Games Zone is a premium WordPress theme perfect for those looking for a fresh and modern design for their game magazine or blog.

Games Zone is highly customizable and easy to use. You can modify colors, page backgrounds, and many other elements directly from the WordPress administrator, in just a few clicks. It has two sliding image banner options to choose from, integration with hundreds of Google Fonts, calendars to show upcoming events. Mega menus and a lot of interior page designs – who we are, game analysis, contact, etc.

This theme offers a design that adapts to any size of screen and device, be it a mobile, tablet, laptop or PC. If you wish you can import the data of your demo with a single click. And saving you a lot of time in the creation of your website.


Kappa – Best WordPress Themes for Gaming News.

Kappa - Best WordPress Themes for Gaming

With Kappa, you can build an impressive blog or magazine that will allow you to promote, inspire and express your passion for games and videogames with your community of players – create game reviews, highlight the latest gaming news, show your favorite illustrations, sell your merchandising and much more.

Kappa includes a complete evaluation system that will allow you to share your analysis of games or the products you want. It is also so flexible that you can create unlimited assessment criteria. The design of Kappa 100% adapted to mobile devices, which will provide an optimal experience to your visitors in any size and screen resolution.

Kappa offers an outstanding sliding banner in which you can show your most outstanding content. As well as compatibility with WooCommerce – the popular plugin for the online sale of products from your website. Other features include: various styles of blog entries, 5 custom modules, 4 page styles. And it is ready to translate easily into other languages, allows you to change colors easily, and much more.



Well, this is our collection of the best WordPress themes for a gaming site. eSport teams, magazines, and video game blogs. All of them have been carefully selected to help you share your passion for online games with your community of gamers.

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