If you have a blog or website in WordPress and you want to earn money easily and professionally. As an Amazon affiliate or you want to have an affiliate program for your users to promote your products. In this article, you will find the best WordPress plugins for Amazon affiliate programs and Affiliate Marketing. vn

Among the multiple options to earn income with your website, affiliate marketing is one of the most used and effective. Platforms such as Amazon make available to users the possibility of joining their affiliate program and that they can earn extra money by promoting their products and taking a small commission if the sale is finally made.

In the same way if you have an online store and want to offer your customers the possibility of taking a commission to promote your products, there are specific WordPress plugins that will help you set up and manage your own affiliate platform.

WordPress is the most used content manager in the world. Easy to use and does not require technical knowledge. It has thousands of plugins with which to add new features to this platform. Among them we have a large number of specific plugins to include affiliate links to Amazon, Ebay or Aliexpress.

The Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins for Affiliate Programs

We invite you to review our collection of the best WordPress Affiliate plugins for Amazon affiliate programs and Affiliate Marketing Campaigns.

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

Commerce Amazon

If you have an online store based on the popular free WooCommerce plugin, WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates will allow you to easily import products from Amazon into your eCommerce automatically or manually – including descriptions and images.

This extension has a multitude of features that will keep most of the maintenance tasks of your online store automated, such as: finding the cheapest seller of each product; automatically geolocate the user to redirect him to the Amazon portal of his country. Verify that a product is available on all Amazon portals. Allow to include variations of the same product – sizes, colors, etc. Add comments that include other buyers on Amazon to product descriptions. And allow to use the shopping cart so that your website works exactly like a normal online store; use scheduled tasks to synchronize product prices automatically; show information about shipments; and much more.


Ultimate Affiliate Pro

Ultimate affiliate pro

Ultimate Affiliate Pro is one of the most popular and complete WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing. And it will allow you to have a premium platform for your affiliate campaign with different rewards and amounts based on ranges or special offers. All this will help you increase the sales of your business, bring more traffic to your website. Generate quality contact data records (leads), extend the reach of your brand.

And improve the ranking of your website, manage your affiliates and advertising, all in one place. You can have an unlimited number of affiliates. And each of them can create their own marketing campaign and persuade other people to become affiliates through a Multilevel Marketing strategy.

With Ultimate Affiliate Pro you can offer your affiliates great advantages such as customer-based lifetime commissions, bonuses upon reaching a certain rank, special offers based on the products you have sold, integration with social networks, coupons, reports, etc. You can pay your affiliates by PayPal and Stripe. It offers detailed reports and payment statistics. You can easily translate to another language.


WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Affiliate

Woocommerce affiliate

WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Affiliate is an extension of extensive WooCommerce features to help you attract new customers. Growing and increasing your business sales for free through a multi-level referral affiliation system.

The way it works is as follows: first, the client registers on your website and joins your referral program to receive a referral code. You can then share this code with your family and friends. Once your referral contact is registered on your site, join your referral program using your code and purchase a product. He/she will be entitled to receive a reward for that referral. The more people referred in their hierarchy, the greater their commission.

Customers can redeem their points or rewards to take advantage of discounts on the products available on your website. The ease of use and simplicity offered by this plugin will make your affiliates continue moving forward to grow their multilevel references.

You can assign a different percentage of credits for referrals from each level. At any time, you have the freedom to enable or disable the credit system based on levels. If you choose to enable the credit system based on levels, you can also set a maximum number of levels. The commissions can be awarded using two different methods in credit system based on levels: the calculation of the commission will be based on the price of the product or the commission will be calculated first according to a percentage established globally for later and based on that percentage.

Without a doubt, WooCommerce Multilevel Referral Affiliate is one of the most complete WooCommerce add-ons to build a multilevel referral system for your business from your website.


Amazon eStore Affiliates

Amazon eStore affiliates - best WordPress Affiliate plugins

With Amazon eStore Affiliates you will turn your website into a solution to generate money. Advertise Amazon products on your WordPress and earn commissions for sales made thanks to your links. Thanks to its 90-day cookie functionality, when a user is redirected to Amazon, the product will automatically be added to their cart and maintained during those 90 days. In addition, its shopping cart function allows customers to select more than one Amazon product, which means that you will receive a commission for each of them.

Customers can choose different variations of sizes, colors, prices, etc. of each Amazon product. Using this component you can import hundreds of products from Amazon and at the same time sell your own products from your online store. Its synchronization module will keep the changes in the products up to date, especially the price and its stock. Users will be redirected to the Amazon portal closest to their location. Supports adding multiple products to the Amazon cart, dramatically increasing your commissions. Choose if you want to import prices only from Amazon or other sellers too (offering the lowest price), and many more features.



sumo affiliates - best WordPress Affiliate plugins


Sumo is an extension of the popular free WooCommerce plugin for online stores, which will allow your e-commerce to have an affiliate system.

With this add-on, registered users can request and become affiliates and promote products on your website. Each time a customer purchases a product using an affiliate link, the affiliate associated with the link will get a commission for the purchase.

Sumo offers a large number of features such as: admin panel of the affiliate application for the website administrator; management panel for affiliates; affiliate link generator; affiliate links can generate based on the affiliate’s name or user id. The affiliate promotion through WooCommerce discount coupons.

And different validations for affiliate cookies; approval of affiliate commissions manually or automatically; multi-level affiliate marketing; emails for all affiliate actions. And Unpaid commissions can be exported to CSV to make a mass payment through PayPal; and much more.


Amazon Associates Bundle Pack

Amazon Associates Bundle Pack - We invite you to review our collection of the best WordPress Affiliate plugins for Amazon affiliate programs and Affiliate Marketing Campaigns.

Amazon Associates Bundle Pack offers a complete solution to those who wish to have an online store that sells Amazon products. It includes in the same package 4 exceptional plugins that offer all the necessary functionalities for Amazon affiliate websites. Among which we highlight for the automatic or manual import of Amazon products with advanced search filters. User geolocation to redirect you to the portal of Amazon closest to its location; Automatic price and stock update. Advertising display and Amazon discounts and a template specially designed to fully integrate these plugins. These extensions require the installation of the free WooCommerce component that allows you to have a complete online store on your WordPress.

The list of premium plugins contained in this pack, at a very good price, are: WooZone – WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates (see below) – add to your WordPress all the necessary functionalities so that you can easily sell Amazon products through WooCommerce; WooZone Contextual – Amazon advertising plugin; ADF – Amazon Discount Finder – to find discounts on Amazon; Kingdom – theme specially designed for websites with WooCommerce online stores that sell Amazon products.

Thanks to all these extensions and the theme included, you will have everything you need to have a professional online store that sells Amazon products, but not only that, you can also include your own products.


And here is our list of the Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins for Affiliate Programs or Amazon Affiliate Marketing. We hope it helps you to find a good plugin that suits your needs. As always, if you know of any other plugin that you think deserves to be included in this collection, you can share it with all of us by leaving a comment below, we will be delighted with your contribution.


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