How To Get Google Adsense Approval Trick with Website

Avoid rejection of AdSense and get Google Adsense approval with your website!
Google AdSense is one of the pay per click programs that is popular among the blogging community. In our opinion, it is one of the reliable and easy ways to monetize your content online. Although you can make money with YouTube videos and mobile apps, making money from your own site will help you become your own boss. In this article, let’s explore how to get Google Adsense approval with your website.

How To Get Google Adsense Approval

Before applying for AdSense

  • Eligibility criteria to apply AdSense
  • Google AdSense policies
  • Guidelines for AdSense publishers

There can be many reasons for Google to reject your AdSense application on your blog or website. We recommend that you make the request only after meeting the criteria instead of sending and being rejected several times. Here we explain some of the important guidelines for the easy approval of Google AdSense. If you work on them before applying, your application will mainly go through the approval process successfully. Also, read the sample of AdSense rejection letters to get an idea of the problems due to which Google rejects applications.

9 things to To Get Google Adsense Approval Easily

  1. Domain name or URL of the site
  2. First level domain
  3. Duration of site ownership
  4. Unique content
  5. Update frequency
  6. Plan of the site
  7. IP Adress
  8. Wait after rejection
  9. Correct personal information

1. Domain name

The first reason for the rejection of AdSense is that the correct URL is not used. Google does not accept the application with URLs that contain Google trademarks such as AdSense, Google, AdWords, etc. People use names of popular companies in the Domain to get easy traffic. However, that will not help you establish your own brand or get approval from Google AdSense. Here are some examples of incorrect domain names:


Remember that the use of trademarks and trademarks without permission is considered a violation according to AdSense policies. You will notice that there are many sites with a brand name in the domain that displays AdSense ads. 100% would have approval elsewhere and would use the ad code in different sites that violate the terms. In such a case, one day Google will send a notice and ban the entire AdSense account for life.

So check and make sure that your domain does not contain any trademark of any company.


2. Use the top-level domain

The days are over when you can get AdSense approval easily from the Blogger site with few pages. Although it is still possible to get approval from Blogger sites, we never recommend it. We also do not recommend starting with revenue sharing programs that will help you host your site and reduce the commission of your AdSense earnings.


Google does not accept the domain of a free hosted site or blog like The reason is that publishers must have permission to add HTML code on their web pages and most free hosting services do not allow this for free. So register your own domain and start creating content with paid hosting platforms using content management systems like WordPress before requesting an AdSense account.

3. Duration of ownership of the site

Previously, Google had no restrictions for the duration of site ownership. But to protect advertisers from showing their ads on lower sites, Google introduced a restriction on the duration of site ownership. Publishers who request an AdSense account must own their site for a minimum period of 6 months. This rule is applicable for certain places, including India and China. In general, it is a good idea to own your site for at least 6 months before applying for AdSense.

4. Content of your site

Make sure you have original and quality content before requesting Google AdSense. If you copied content from other sites, Google will not only reject your AdSense application but will also penalize you by blocking your site from the search results. Make sure you have the following in place before applying:

Minimum of 50 publications on the blog or page relevant to your niche.
Unique and original content written by your account.
Clear information about contact, contact and privacy pages.
There is no SEO black hat technique.
The site receives decent traffic; Let’s say 100 visitors per day.
In our opinion, it definitely takes more than six months to create a website of this type. First focus on building your site, then you can easily request an AdSense account. Also avoid applying with pornography and illegal content.

5. Content Update and under construction.

Regularly updating the content of your site is a good habit to keep your site live. Google has separate crawlers for AdSense in order to serve ads. During the approval process, this AdSense crawler will analyze your site for the quality of the content, as well as the latest content update on your site. If you have updated your site a long time ago or the pages are under construction, the possibility of approval is very low. Therefore, make sure you have recently updated the content before applying.

6. Check The Site Design

Some website themes may have a congested design to have elements closer together. For example, the AdSense policy does not allow placing an ad closer to an attractive image that confuses people. Before applying the AdSense account, buy a simple and sensitive topic and test your site on all devices to get the right user experience.

7. IP Address

Quite frankly, there is no evidence that Google rejects applications from a specific IP address. As a precautionary measure, avoid applying through proxy servers and public computers such as the Internet center or an office computer shared by several users. There could be a problem with that IP address that you may not know about. Therefore, be sure to apply from the personal computer.

If your request was rejected one or more times without the appropriate reasons, try applying again from the different IP address.

8. Wait After Rejection

Do not be scared when Google rejects your request. It is not a crime and simply a Google opinion on your site. Assuming you have followed all good practices, verify the reason for rejection and work on solutions to solve the problem. For example, if your request was rejected due to a content violation, analyze what went wrong and update the content according to the policies.

Take at least a few months to solve the problems before reapplying.

Google will send a verification code to your postal address to initiate payment processing in your account. Therefore, provide the correct mailing address where you can receive a Google PIN.
Your name and country cannot be changed once your AdSense account has been approved. But you can receive the payment with another beneficiary name through a bank transfer.


Obtaining AdSense approval trick is a simple process and not space science. Most reasons for failures occur due to greed and impatience. Be fresh and follow the steps below before applying:

  • Register your own domain.
  • Buy a paid hosting.
  • Learn how to create a website with content management systems such as WordPress.
  • Focus on creating a decent website for at least six months.
    Follow the SEO guidelines and get legitimate traffic from the search engines. At any cost, avoid black hat techniques such as the use of traffic exchange programs.
  • Check the site thoroughly and check that the content and layout look good.
  • Apply for the Google AdSense account with confidence.
  • Get easy approval from Google in a few days.
  • Keep calm when you are rejected and analyze the reason for the rejection.
  • Work for a few months to resolve the dispute.
  • Reapply again to obtain approval.

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